How to pack a hoof for support or healing!

August 14, 2018

How to pack a hoof for support or healing!

There are many reasons you may need to pack a hoof.  Your horse could have a missing shoe. Your horse could also have an abcess, stone bruise, or your horse worked quite hard on bad footing, or just has sore feet. Be sure that you involve your Veterinarian at the beginning of any hoof distress, as you want to rule out laminitis, which might look like something else.   



The easiest way to pack a hoof is to have all things you need close by before you start.  

  • Hoof pick with brush
  • Diaper or gauze or rolled cotton. A size 5 diaper is good for most hoof sizes. 
  • Your packing material (be it ichthammol, magna past, sugarcane, or other product.
  • Disposable gloves - if you might be handling a packing material that stains.
  • Hoof Wrap bandage.


The Hoof Wrap Bandage comes with pads. 


First, clean and brush out the hoof and grooves.  The "plan" is to use the diaper to hold the packing material on the hoof.  The easiest way to get your hoof packing material on is to use the diaper’s soft inside to scoop out the packing from the jar. Then just slap the diaper on the hoof.

You may not want to use a diaper. Or you may just want to use the diaper’s middle. Or you may just want to use the Hoof Wraps pad to be the barrier between the packing material and the Hoof Wraps Bandage. 

If your horse is missing a shoe, use the pad to secure the hoof packing material so that his legs are even again. 



You can prepare the diaper before you even lift a leg.  You don't have to be perfect here. The weight of your horse will smear the packing material around once you get the pack secured.


So, your diaper/gauze stack/rolled cotton is loaded with your hoof packing material of choice.  The hoof is clean, the diaper or pad is applies, then use your Hoof Wrap bandage and your hoof packing will stay put.  


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