The best ways to apply hoof medications!

November 14, 2018

The best ways to apply hoof medications!

How to apply hoof medicines

Most horses, at some point in their lives, will need some sort of hoof medicine. Perhaps it is thrush or white line disease, or you need to dress an abscess. Here are a few simple steps to making sure your horse’s hoof gets the meds it needs, in the right places!

Keeping the hoof clean is often helpful.  This is the Hoof Wraps Bandage.

Start with a clean hoof. Pick the hoof out thoroughly, and then head to the wash rack. The easiest way to guarantee a clean hoof is to spray it out. If you use the “jet” setting on a nozzle, you won’t need to spray much.

You might want to towel dry the hoof, or wait a few minutes for it to dry. This is really more for liquid meds, as these tend to run a bit more if the hoof is wet.


SteriHoof is safe and it doesn't burn! Included is a handy brush for application.

 Apply your medication of choice. Some meds drip on, some spray on, some are pastes. To really deliver the meds where they need to go, consider using a brush. This not only clears up any remaining debris, the brush takes the meds deep into an area.

 You can also pack an area with meds. This is often effective with cracks that have been opened up. Start by packing in some cotton. From a cotton ball is fine! Then use your med of choice to saturate the cotton.  

Once the crack is packed, soak the cotton with your horse's medication.

There’s also the option of securing packing underneath a hoof wrap if needed. This also helps keep the hoof a bit cleaner. 

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