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Angie, Brentwood, Ca.

" I love hoofwraps! I needed a boot for my horse who kept losing a shoe. She has had a tendon injury so it had to be light & durable. I must have gone through 4 or 5 boots before I discovered Hoof Wraps.

She has been turned out everyday and the Hoof Wrap has held up beautifully!

My horseshoer was really impressed.

Trish & Jim
T bar J Ranch
Valley Springs, Ca 

Just received an email from a couple we horse camp/trail ride with.  They JUST returned from their trip back to the Road to the Horse Challenge- loved it.  They also told us that they had the opportunity to meet the inventor/creator of the Hoof Wrap – you!!

Let me tell you a little story – as there’s nothing like driving 6 hours to get to a looked-forward-to-destination, unload your pony – and discover a shoe missing!!! SO, there we were, at one of the Yosemite National Parks equestrian campgrounds, absolutely beautiful!  So I figured while everyone else rode the scenic High Sierra trails, I’d be kicking’ it alone in camp.. me and my pony, because you know what the adage is –– No Hoof, No Horse.  Happily for me, our wonderful, always prepared friends, Pat and Richard, had purchased your product, the Hoof Wrap, and offered it to us.
I have to say, I looked at it and thought that there’s no way (!!) we would be able to ride for hours and have the Hoof Wrap ‘contraption’ work/stay on.  But can I tell you???  Not only did it work, I got to ride EVERY ride …. Only because we had your Hoof Wrap!!!  I’ll attach a few shots of our Yosemite trip… made possible ONLY with YOUR HOOF WRAP!!!  Yosemite #2 – you can see it on my mare’s right hind foot.

So – that being said, if you’re looking for a few spokespeople – my husband and I would be glad to help you promote your item!  We’re firm believers in it now. . . . .  Don’t Leave Home Without It -if you want to ride!

Dee – Lakeland, FL

I purchased the Hoof Wrap and extra pads after seeing the ad in a magazine.  The fast shipping was wonderful!  My friends gelding twisted his shoe and the clip went into the hoof.  We packed the hoof with poultice and wrapped it in the Hoof Wrap with the pad.
The farrier came out the next day. When he saw the Hoof Wrap he was impressed with the quality and ease of use.  He asked for the ordering information and plans to recommend Hoof Wraps to his clients.
This is so much better than a 'duct tape boot'.  We were able to turn the horse out and keep the foot dry.  The pad made all the difference in the comfort of the horse.  We used the boot for several nights after the shoe was replaced because he walked sound with the boot and pad but was not sound without them.

Janis, New York


My mother just went to the equine affair in Ohio to get me more of your hoof wraps.

I just love this product. It is so easy to use and is inexpensive. I have used the wraps for abscesses, lost shoes and keeping their feet clean. I’ve also used them for trail riding and on pavement. They hold there own and I would recommend them to anyone that owns a horse. They will always be in my barn.

Janis, New York

AG - Illinois

The wraps worked extremely well.  My only concern was that they would rub at the back of the pastern but they did not.  They turned a little but never came off or wore through with a week of 24/7 wear.  Thank you for this product!  Also, I think your customer service is excellent .

Terry – Winfield, TN

I just ordered replacement wraps because I have come to realize how indispensable they are!  I bought them originally just to have in my saddle bag in case my horse lost a shoe or something on a trail ride.  What I used them for was something totally different.  I have a wonderful, energetic warmblood filly that developed an apparent abscess in one of her front feet.  I certainly didn't want to have to keep this youngster cooped up in a stall while she healed.  After soaking her foot each day I wrapped her foot then put a Hoof Wrap over the whole thing.  The first time I did so she made it very clear that she didn't want anything on her foot and tried to bite the velcro flaps and pulled on them.  Wow, you use the most fantastic velcro!  She couldn't get it to budge and gave up.  We live on the Cumberland Plateau so our ground can be hard and rocky.  After about 5 days of being turned out, on this hard ground, about 12 hours a day, she finally wore through the sole of the first Hoof Wrap.  I've tried several other brands of hoof boots and wraps over the years but yours is by far the best.  It fits all of my horses from the yearling on up, except for my draft cross, and the velcro tab system is well designed.  I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised that it never came off in the pasture or the stall . . . . . and it's even horse proof!  ;-)
If you ever design a version with reinforcement around the sole area let me know because it would be fabulous for trail riders!
Happy Trails,

Mary Gunn

A while back, I purchased a 2 pairs of your hoof wraps, one for my saddle pack and one for the barn. Myself and a group of friends had been riding for about 6 miles when her horse, Sugar, threw a shoe. Sugar was limping along and couldn’t continue to move forward without her shoe. I pulled out one of your hoof wraps and put it on her 00 foot and she happily trotted and cantered back to our trailer. It would have been a very long day if we had to have walked her back 6 miles. The temporary shoe remained tight and didn’t rub her at all. The next day the farrier came out and replaced Sugar’s shoe and commented on the great design of the Hoof Wrap. My friends were so impressed they all went on line the next day and purchased a set for their saddle pack as well. The Hoof Wrap makes a great temporary shoe and is small enough to fit in a saddle pack without taking up a lot of room like large boots do. I will continue to order your product.
Thanks for saving us a long walk back to the trailer.

Kirsten – Manor Texas

The Hoof Wraps are down right the best product I have used in years. I am in the process of getting my horse barefoot and he recently escaped from his pasture and bruised his heel. He has been able to remain turned out with the hoof wraps and pads in place for 6 days and the wraps show minimal wear. I was worried they might rub his heels because he is very thin skinned but not at all.

This horse would have had to be on stall rest if the Hoof Wraps were not available. I have done the duct tape routine before!! The other thing that impressed me was that even in muddy footing, his feet stayed clean and dry! My horse has crooked feet/legs and it can be a challenge to get the wraps on. I have discovered if I only undo the criss-cross at the front and the velcro at the back, I just slip his feet in and out as necessary. Thank you very much for an excellent product. I rave about them to everyone I know!

Lori - Cary, North Carolina

My horse recently had an MRI, for which he had his shoes pulled. The Farrier couldn't come to replace the shoes for several days. The idea of the poor horse having to stay in his stall for 5 days bothered me. A friend told me about your product, probably to make me stop whining about my horse. I ordered a couple of your Hoof Wraps with express delivery. They arrived just in time! My horse wore them for 4 days straight, including 4 nights of private turnout, and they show no signs of wear. They are so sturdy that I will be able to use them again and again. The Velcro closures are really strong. They didn't even come a little loose. Lest you think my horse is just easy on his feet, I only had two Hoof Wraps but four shoeless feet, so I used diapers and duct tape on the back feet. The diaper/ duct tape wraps were shredded in the morning.

Jeanne - North Carolina

Earlier this summer my 30 year old mare developed an abscess in her front hoof which necessitated a visit from the vet. After opening a drainage hole, the vet showed me what we needed to do for the next week to ten days... every day. Soaking in betadine and water followed by packing the hoof with Epsom salts, betadine and cotton padding, wrapping it with vet wrap and finally a shell of duct tape to hold it all together. Just cutting off the duct tape and vet wrap proved to be a major pain and wrapping the hoof in strips of duct tape afterwards was very time consuming. Towards the end of the treatment period, I had bought an Easy Boot because I was frustrated and tired of dealing with the duct tape. But the Easy Boot was difficult to get on properly. The mare healed and I thought my problems were over.
A month later the hoof had abscessed again. The vet came out and repeated the whole procedure complete with using yards of duct tape. I decided I needed a larger Easy Boot size so I went to this new tack shop down the road from me to get one. Tracy informed me that she had no Easy Boots in stock but she asked what I needed it for. I explained my mare's abscess hoof woes. Tracy showed me this new item called "Hoof wraps" and sold me the only one she had. We used it that afternoon and it was love at first sight. I packed the hoof; vet wrapped it and then put the Hoof Wrap on. It was a little challenging at first figuring out which straps go where but by the second day, this was a breeze. I didn't cut the hoof pad to my mare's hoof size as suggested but simply left the pad as is. I simply reversed or rotated the hoof pad on subsequent days and I believe it lasted much longer because I did not cut it down in size to fit the hoof. The industrial hook and loop tape holds the Wrap on very well and not once did my mare lose it ...unlike the duct tape version. That Hoof Wrap ended up lasting for ten days! By the time the 10th day rolled around, it did look ratty and ripped but it was still protecting the vet wrap and bandaging inside. I am sold on Hoof Wraps. I wish I had invented it. I've been telling every horse owner I know about this new product. I'm planning on telling my vet so that she can start carrying them in her truck and I also intend to tell my Farrier about it. Good bye duct tape!

Ben and Mary Alice - Georgia

Just a quick note to let you know about our experience with your Hoof Wraps. We have had one of our horses develop laminitis recently. Our daughter, with this in mind, came across your Hoof Wraps at a horse show vendor's stall run by Hobby Horse Country Store (Colbert, GA) and bought a pair of them to give to us. Our vet began to treat abscessed areas under the coffin bone in both of the horse's front feet. We showed her the Hoof Wraps while she was applying treatment pads to the soles of the feet and she used the Hoof Wraps to secure the treatment pads and wraps she had applied. The horse was then given free run of a sand paddock and was able to move about quite comfortably with the Hoof Wraps (and pads) on. When we removed the wraps and pads today (after 48 hours on the horse) to check the feet, we found the area under the Hoof Wraps to be absolutely clean and free of debris with the treatment pads still securely in place. Amazing! The Hoof Wraps showed no signs of wear and after applying new treatment pads we put the Hoof Wraps right back on. We particularly liked the fact that after placing the hoof on the pad in the Hoof Wrap you don't have to lift the foot any more to secure the wraps in place. Our vets seemed to be quite impressed with your product, as are we. As the horse moved about, the EVA pads conformed somewhat to her feet which helped to provide much needed support and protection for her feet. She is significantly more comfortable now than she has been without the Hoof Wraps. Indeed, she was having great difficulty walking before. We will probably be ordering some additional pads from you in the next few days. Thanks for a very well thought out and well constructed product.

Marilyn - Missouri

My horse is having a bout of laminitis and the gel pad with jojoba and tea tree oil is what makes her the most comfortable. I am hoping to get her sound again soon. This product is really improving the quality of her days right now.

Katie Merwick, Executive Director, Second Chance Ranch

Finally! A comprehensive hoof care package. There isn’t any equestrian who couldn’t benefit from this product! Before Hoof Wraps I constructed my own version, which was frustrating and often ineffective. The materials in your product are unbeatable. Second Chance Ranch assists nearly 100 off the track Thoroughbreds each year through rehabilitation and transitioning. The first thing we do is pull their shoes and put hoof wraps on – like kicking off your shoes and putting on slippers! This helps us to prepare the foot for a different kind of shoeing, for a different job. Hoof prep time has been drastically cut thanks to Hoof Wraps! They work great for founder, abscesses or arena work for tender feet without shoes.

Ann H

I am impressed with the toughness of the hoof wrap. My first experience with using one was when I put it on one of our horses who lost his front shoe 10 days before the shoer was due to come. It held up very well for the 10 days as the horse was out 24/7, and it protected the foot. The pad molded right to the bottom of his foot and never slipped. We will use it again for the same purpose. What we like about the hoof wrap for future use is that it is light weight and compact enough to fit in a saddle bag. In addition, the fact that you don't need to carry a left and right boot along on the trail in case you lose a shoe is important to us. It is a great emergency boot.

Here is our story and how Hoof Wraps have helped ..

I have a couple of Paints. Out of the ten horses, these two are full brother and sister . They are both predisposition to have chronic founder. Cyane, our mare, has had three really bad bouts of it over the last three years. Blue, her brother, is currently having his second bout in five years. We have gone through the Styrofoam and baby diapers till heck wouldn't have it. I can't tell you how difficult it is to apply these items on a horse who cannot stand. I happened to be in our local feed store and noticed a brochure on the wraps. I brought it home and began to read about them . Oh, how wonderful if these wraps could help these horses! So I went online to order. I was surprised to find how affordable they were. I bought the gel pads for Cyane, who was in critical condition. Oh my, how easy they were to apply! And the comfort they gave her was beyond my expectations. She was actually standing for long periods of time! Now Blue, who wasn't as critical as Cyane, got the foam pads. He began immediately to walk...and actually got up to a trot! He loved his new shoes. This was very important to me as it was causing him tremendous pain to have the bar shoes applied . He is almost back to his old antics and all within just a few days!. I was amazed. I take the shoes off every few days and wash them and put them right back on. They stay on even with turnout. This has been the closest thing to a miracle that I have ever experienced. Thank you Hoof Wraps! Your dedicated customer: Debra

Pam - McClellanville, SC

I have a shetland pony with "Cushings", "founder", and all that goes along with it. I have learned how to manage her illness and she has a nice quality of life. However, there are times when I need to pack her hooves. I have spent hundreds of dollars on other boots, but because of the small size and shape of her hoof, nothing stayed on or was comfortable until I found your Hoof Wraps. Even though I bought the horse size, I can still use them on her. The product is simple and strong and ...inexpensive!

Jennifer South Gippsland Victoria Australia

My horse was unlucky enough to come down with abscess in all four feet The front feet went first and the back ones were sore for a long time before bursting.

Trying to dress a foot when a horse has 4 sore feet was a nightmare; medication, padding, vet wrap, tape – when he could only hold a foot up for 30 seconds. It all got too much – even when he was sitting down changing one dressing was hard – all that tape sweaty smelly feet

Saw an ad for Hoof Wraps in the horse magazine over here in Australia and had to try them out – where I was, was not working. I could not have got through this mess without them. The quality is excellent and how long they last impressed me and my farrier – he now carries them in his kit as well

New medication, vet wrap, boot back on – I could get the whole thing done in under a minute and it made it all so much better for my horse too, I could change the dressing more often and the feet could breathe. His feet are so delicate underneath without the Hoof Wrap and the foam pad to protect his sole his recovery would have taken so much longer.

I will always have a Hoof Wrap on hand from now on

Jennifer South Gippsland Victoria Australia

Linda, Illinois

I would like everyone to know how hoof wraps helped me through a very stressful time with my horse. First off you need to know how special this guy is (I know... they are all very special). This guy is the first born foal from a mare that I had inherited from my mother. Sir Rocko aka. Rock Star has been a terrific horse and took my daughter Cassidy thru Prelim level as an eventer. Now he is back at home and I am thrilled to have him. Early in the spring we discovered that he had developed a pretty bad case of seedy toe. The hoof wraps helped so much in medicating and treating his feet. Unfortunately just as we were getting a handle on the seedy toe, he somehow managed to run a 2 inch piece of wire up his soft lamina. Wow, did we ever have trouble. Several terrible abcesses erupted and at one point we thought that he was going to slough his hoof. I will say again the hoof wraps were great; making it so easy to medicate him. When we went to the vet for ex-rays it was so easy to remove the hoofwrap and then put right back on... no messing with duck tape, vet-rap, ect. I just can't say enough about how hoof wraps helped me get through a very trying time, making work with him so much easier. Thank you for having a great product.

Melissa, NJ - Hoof Wraps are a Horse Owner’s MUST HAVE!

Shortly after I purchased my young Thoroughbred, he threw a shoe out in the field one morning. I found Hoof Wraps through an online retailer and purchased one. I could not have been happier with my purchase! Rather than having to worry about keeping him in a stall until the farrier arrived, or dealing with the hassle of duct tape and wrapping his hoof for turnout, I was rest-assured that his hoof would be protected from bruising or cracking simply by using Hoof Wraps. Even though my horse is not prone to loosing shoes, Hoof Wraps are affordable enough to keep on hand for those random incidents. I now keep one in the tack room and one in my trailer all the time. Whether it’s a lost shoe, or treating a stone bruise, Hoof Wraps are the quickest and easiest way to provide comfort to your horse.

My farrier was even impressed by how well made and durable Hoof Wraps are and suggested them to many of his other clients. The numbered sections make it incredibly easy to apply and the replacement pads allow for continued use for all your horse’s needs. Even for horses that do not wear shoes, Hoof Wraps provide a custom fit bandage for treatment of any hoof issue. If you have a horse, you need a Hoof Wrap (or 4)!

Adrienne, Peralta NM

Your hoof wraps are the best product I've ever used. I have an older gelding who abcesses several times a year. I'd be lost without them. Thank you for your product.

Linda, Wayne, PA 7-23-12

I just have to tell you how much I love your Hoof Wraps! A friend at the barn had one and came to my rescue last weekend when my mare stepped on her shoe pulling it free and then stepped back on it driving the clip into her hoof and tearing off a large chunk of her hoof wall where the nails remained attached. After soaking and applying the Hoof Wrap with the protective pad she never took a lame step and by Sunday afternoon we even turned her out for a time. Meanwhile everyone at our 20 horse barn was impressed when they saw what she did to her foot and how comfortable she was in the wrap and they know she’s very particular about anything on her feet or legs. I have been raving about your product ever since – no more diapers and vetwrap. I ordered a replacement for my friend and an extra for me. My trainer is also planning to order several to have on hand at the barn. Thank you for a great product!

Rodney, Wichita Falls, TX

I want to thank you for such an awesome product. My gelding the day after our first ride to step on a mesquite thorn. Super concerned I immediately removed and started poulticing his hoof. He wore through the diapers and duct tape super fast. I had made a homemade boot but didn't like the bulk. After some research I found your wrap. I am completely in love! We will be keeping these in the tack room for occasions just like this :)

Lisa Olsen, from Manchester, Tennessee

Dear Hoof Wraps Brand, After having served in the Air Force for 22 years, I figured I deserved a horse, or two. Thanks to the incredibly hot weather we suffered in Tennessee this past summer, the horses favorite source of relief came from their pond. The result -- happy horses with a bad case of White Line Disease. So much for my riding plans!

My treatment plan includes soaking their hooves 3 times a week. My first attempt included heavy-duty plastic bags held in place with duct tape. They tore open within minutes. Second attempt involved rubber inner tubes, cut in half, folded over the hooves, and secured with a lot of tape. These stayed in place, but were so bulky around the hooves, that both horses repeatedly stepped on them, tripping themselves, and............let's just say the cost-savings wasn't worth what I was putting my horses through.

Third attempt included a set of four Hoof Wraps Soaker Boots.

Here is what I like about them:

1. They are very easy to slip on, and I'm able to loosely secure them to the hoof -- THEN add the treating liquid. No worries about my horse moving about acting foolish when he feels water on his hooves and flinging the unsecured boot, spilling the liquid everywhere. After I add the liquid, I just have to tighten the straps, and I'm done.

2. After you first slip them on, you can fold the nylon so that it fits pretty close to the hoof. This means that you won't need much fluid to soak the hoof. My treatment costs about $1 per ounce. If I can use half as much -- the boots will have paid for themselves before I finish this round of treatments (woo-hoooo!).

3. The foam pads in the bottom allows the fluid to easily wick-up the hoof wall. This means that the soaks are more effective since the hoof walls are exposed to the fluid - and not sealed off by standing on a hard surface.

4. The boots fit so close to the hoof, that I don't have to worry about them tripping on the edges.

5. The quality, and the price ;)

And to be fair -- here is what I don't like about the boots:

1. There is a pull cord at the top, that in my opinion is useless. The boot fits much tighter if you just make two quick folds in the nylon before securing the straps. It's also safer for you if you can quickly pull the two straps open, then get out of the way before your horse tries to help you remove the boot. Having had lots of caustic things in my eyes over the years -- I try to move quickly and stay dry! (short list!)

And, since I've never been accused of keeping my opinions to myself -- here is a HUGE benefit to using your boots that you've never addressed!!! If you trim your own hooves, and you soak them first, your tools will last MUCH longer! And here are a couple smaller benefits..............

1. If you soak your hooves before trimming (whether you trim your own, or hire a farrier), it's much easier to see exactly what's going on with the hoof (rolled or cracked bar, small abscess, etc).

2. When you are treating the hooves with a medicated treatment, I would recommend first putting the boots on with a five-minute water soak. Even though I pick, brush, and wipe the hooves -- I'm always amazed at the amount of crap that pours out with the water soak. This way, the medicated soak is a "clean" soak.

I'm obviously a happy customer or I wouldn't have taken the time to write this much! I would recommend your boots in a heartbeat. If you would like to use my testimonial, please use my full name -- as I'm happy to stand behind my opinions.

Kathy, Colora, MD

I have a very athletic and large donkey with a large abscess hole that needed long term protection. I took off about ? inch around the foam pads to accommodate his smaller and narrow feet. After a 60 minute soak in apple cider vinegar and water I packed the abscess with a tiny bit of cotton and some Ichthammol. I used vetwrap for the pad and then applied the Hoof Wraps bandage. So far it has stayed on for three days. He looks terrific and has even cantered on it when he didn’t have to. I have a part time hoof trim practice and have recommended this product.

Sarah, Amelia, VA

My Paint developed an abscess and refuses to allow me to soak his foot. I used your wrap with a poultice (changed poultice daily) and it stayed on for FIVE days while he was turned out! During that time we got 3" of rain from Tropical Storm Andrea that turned his field into a mud pit. The only damage to the wrap is on the bottom. It's an awesome product. I took pictures of the boot because we couldn't believe how well it worked!

Becky, Stanwood, MI

Hi Hoof Wraps! I love your hoof wraps… or rather, I should say my mare loves your hoof wraps. She has founder, and the farrier thought he found an abscess in her hoof, so cut her sole open and since then she’s been incredibly lame. I found your website through a forum and have ordered a pair of hoof wraps along with gel pads. First day I put the on my mare, I have never seen her look so confident in putting down her feet and not worry about whether it hurts or not. Thank you so much for making a great product. We love it.


Thought I'd send a pic along.. my life just got easier! This is the mare that's so bad with her feet, and I can do this treatment all by myself, I love it!! I believe everyone should have this kit in their barn.

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